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Case Studies

Tea is a category with a zillion brands jostling for space. Every punch line, every value had been taken up. Unfazed, we drank deeply of this magic potion. Stoked fires scalded our hands. And generally drove the community chaiwallah nuts. A sustained regimen of nicotine and tannin later, we arrived at a message so powerful that it leaps out of the morning newspaper, slaps you in the face and knocks over your cuppa.

"Kadva nahin kadak".

Everyone needs a good holiday. Even us, whether our clients like it or not. Such is the urge to dig deep, instead of testing our architectural skills on the sands, we headed far inland into Goa's backwaters. We dared to go where no tourist had gone before. Ran a cloth over Goa's unknown facets and let them shine forth.

"Go Goa, the perfect holiday destination".

  • The brief:
  • Get us the finest computer science students in the country.
  • The solution:
  • No half page ads in full colour
  • No innovative mailers
  • No hoardings
  • No flyers
  • Just www.wiredgurus.com
  • A platform for some of the brightest minds to show what they're made of.

"Get cracking".

AMW Trucks were launching high-tonnage vehicles. We just shared their load. And we paved the road to success. With nationwide launch events, press conferences, mobile displays and hundred other powerful and cost-effective media, today, AMW has made its mark in every truckowner's fleet.

"The Global Truck".

The competition was, to put it mildly, cutthroat. Every agency worth its initials was in the fray. After all, the client was none other the world's biggest manufacturer of electronic appliances. Crossing over the barriers of language and culture, our out-of-the carton thinking did the trick. Today the brand TCL is on its way up. The company philosophy ' technology for all ' has revolutionised lifestyles across the world.

"The Creative Life".

India's largest chain of electronics retail outlets needed an all-services agency. And we took up the challenge along with risk. We risked injury, we risked being banned from entering rival showrooms, why we even risked arrest as potential shoplifters while scouting rival showrooms. After going through all potential dangers, we came up with hard hitting communication ideas tied with brilliant strategy. Today, it is one of the most visible and respected brands in its category. We've helped NEXT grow from 2 to 580 showrooms. And counting!

"Best brands. Best bargains".

When the internationally acclaimed X-Trail decided to hit the Indian roads we cleared the path for it. To the simple mind we launched the Nissan X-Trail in India. We ensured the unveiling, press conference, test drives, dealer programmes, etal went like the X-Trail: smooth. Don't be surprised when you receive an innovative mailer from Nissan. We could well be behind the wheel.

"Shift future".

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