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At AMO, there is nothing like a nice idea. Or a decent idea. Or even a good idea. Simply because we believe if it ain't great, it ain't going out to our clients. Frankly, we're our own worst critics. This is exactly what drives us to deliver ideas that don't fit into boxes.

Elvis Dias is the Managing Director of AMO Communications Pvt. Ltd. www.amogroup.com

With over two decades of experience in the field of marketing communications, Elvis has been responsible for the creation of many Indian Brands while being responsible for launching and marketing various International Brands in India.

Some of the brands launched in India have been Honda, Nissan, TOTO, Staples & Qantas. Elvis was responsible for launching Honda in India through a strategic tie up with Chuo Senko Japan. He then went on to form a joint venture with Hakuhodo, Japan’s second largest ad agency which then gave him the leverage to launch the Nissan X Trail in India that saw its targets being achieved in the very first year.


Elvis has a rich experience in brand creation from every category whether it be lifestyle, durables, IT or FMCG. Till date, Elvis has produced over 150 ad films with some of the top celebrities in India.

As a passion, Elvis composes and sings Gospel music and has launched five albums till date in India. He is also a musician, being a bass player and owns and runs his own recording studio which has essentially been set up to do charity work.

Besides Elvis is a full fledged commercial director and also directs musicals in true Broadway style using intricate sets and larger than life stage management techniques.

His biggest production has been a musical that was produced and directed by him on a stage size of 120 feet in width by 60 feet in depth with 53 pre programmed sound cues and eleven set changes that were executed in 30 secs flat with a cast of 125 performers. The musical was called Switchback and was based on the story of Job from the Bible. The entire musical has been written and composed by Elvis Dias. These musicals were done professionally with India’s top most sound engineer, Roger Drego from Electrocraft.

Elvis also has been a trend setter in the retail segment and has launched many a retail chain in the country like NEXT, the electronic retail chain, Staples, Jumbo Electronics and Richfeel. Besides, Elvis also setup Mumbai’s first large format Book and Music store spread over 8000 square feet called Title Waves at Bandra West.


AMO Communications Pvt. Ltd, run by Elvis Dias, besides having an expertise in varied segments, is a tourism specialist with work done for four tourism states in the country namely Goa, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Rajasthan. Elvis and his team have expertise and experience in handling marketing and promotional events internationally from Germany to Spain, Portugal, London, Istanbul & Moscow. In fact the brand Go Goa, 365 days on a Holiday has been conceptualized and created by Elvis and he has being handling the marketing and promotions in Goa for the last 12 years.








Elvis Dias has over 22 years of experience in the field of Advertising & Marketing.

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